Author: Sean Johnson

Memorizing Lyrics If you’ve ever sat down to write rhymes, you know that it can be a daunting task. What do I talk about? Does it fit together? Does it fit within the bars? Most people, it takes years of practice to get this art form down. There are a handful of artists though that […]

New talent As much as I am a purest at heart, I’m always a fan of good music. Because of what I do, I’m always getting new artists sent to me for review. I love hip hop so it’s always exciting when I’m able to find a new artist that shows skills from the golden […]


September 20, 2020

Freestyle Freestyle rappin’ is an art form. How quickly can you come up with lyrics that go together on any number of subjects? Some artists are very talented when it comes to the pen but when it comes to being put on the spot, it’s just not there forte. Now, there are a lot of […]

Who’s your favorite artist? You might as well ask me to explain astrophysics. It only takes about 2 minutes for people that talk with me about hip hop to ask the dreaded question…”So, who’s your favorite artist?” I guess if there were only 4 amazing hip hop artists, this question would be a lot easier […]


September 13, 2020

MIAMI SOUNDS I grew up in south Florida. Started off in Miami and then made my way to Broward county. It didn’t matter where, specifically, you lived as the sounds that were coming out of Miami resonated throughout all of south Florida. There was not a party or club that you could go to and […]

ALBUMS TO RIDE TO I think we’ve all been there. You get turned on to a song, either by a friend or by the radio. Has a killer beat…lyrics are off the chain. You then decide that you NEED that album. Nowadays, its much easier to just go download that song but back in my […]

WHAT IT TAKES TO GET ME TO LISTEN? Hip hop is in my blood. I think about it constantly. My mind is like one of those old alarm clocks that you could set it to a radio station to wake up to, because that’s exactly what happens to me every morning. I wake up, and […]


September 12, 2020

IS WU-TANG THE ULTIMATE GROUP? There’s no denying that there are some majorly talented groups in the world of hip hop. OutKast, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, just to name a few. But the Wu is on a different level. Wu, to me, is a super group. One that each individual artist is just […]


September 11, 2020

OUR JOURNEY I’m sure you’ve sat around countless nights wondering “how did Pinnacle come to be?” Well, I don’t want to leave that heavy pressing question on your mind. I’m afraid it’s probably not going to be as glamourous as you would hope it would be. There were no big name stars, all pining for […]

THE STATE OF CURRENT HIP HOP Sometimes, I regret growing up in an era as diverse as I did when it comes to hip hop music. It seems to have ruined me for most of what’s coming out now. I say most, because not everything coming out of the hip hop scene is lack luster. […]

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