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Our mission here at Pinnacle is simple: To showcase the “golden age” of rap music. To that end, we’ve gathered together some examples of the best (in our humble opinion) M.C.’s, producers, and record labels. We move forward everyday, playing the hot tracks you remember and the gems that may have been forgotten over time. We believe this music played an integral part in shaping the American cultural landscape. The African tradition of verbal story telling lives on in modern rap as the voices of urban youth, disenfranchised minorities, and social activism are given a platform to create and express freely.

In the last 40 years, rap music has seen a fundamental shift in popularity as hip hop culture has seen a rise in commercial success. However, while it’s easy to get caught up in the bright lights of global acceptance at the surface, it’s also easy to forget the individuals who helped establish hip hop as more than “just a passing fad”.

“Artist Spotlight”, is our way of drawing, well deserved, attention to these individuals. Every month will be dedicated to a “Featured Artist”. The feature could be a single person, a group or clique, a DJ or production group. Along with a highlight on, each artist will receive heavy representation on all of our platforms and increased rotation on the station.

We love rap music. Period. We fully believe the pioneers and proponents of the art deserve to remain relevant to its supporters and to the conversation in general. So check with us every month. I guarantee this section will include some standards, unexpected favorites, worthy nominees for any serious “G.O.A.T.” debate, as well a few surprises. Tune in. Join us as we celebrate the artists that helped pave the way and had the greatest impact on hip hop as a cultural juggernaut.

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“There’s no stoppin’ what can’t be stopped.  No killin’ what can’t be killed.”


Born O’Shea Jackson in L.A. 1969, Ice Cube officially began his career as an M.C. in the pivotal rap group N.W.A.  Along side MC Ren, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, and Dr. Dre, Cube helped launch gangsta rap into the stratosphere of public consciousness in the late 1980’s and early 90’s.  Today, hardcore hip hop remains one of the most lucrative subgenres of rap.

By the time he left the group in 1989, Ice Cube was no stranger to commercial success and controversy alike.  Due to highly explicit lyrics and themes, N.W.A was often banned from mainstream radio, however, despite the limitations, the group has sold over 10 million units in the U.S. and continues to enjoy global success.

So it was no surprise to most in the hip hop community that Cube’s debut album, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, was a commercial and critical success.  With backing from Priority Records and Public Enemy’s production team (The Bomb Squad) on the boards, the album was certified gold two weeks after its release in May 1990. Lyrically, AmeriKKKa’s Most was a firestorm of social-political commentary and murderous disses.  Thematically, he dealt with everything from racism, drug addiction, poverty, and everyday hood life, to criticism of the broadcast industry as a whole.  The 8th track, “Endangered Species (Tales From the Darkside)” feat. Chuck D, contains a loose prediction of the L.A. riots in 1992 due to police brutality in the black community.

Ice Cube second album, Death Certificate (1991), gave us the scathing attack on his former band mates.  “No Vaseline” was unapologetically aimed at several members of the Ruthless records organization and helped solidify Jackson’s prowess as a solo artist.

As the fires of the L.A. riots raged in April/May of 1992, the stage was set for Ice Cube’s 3rd and most critically successful album.  ‘The Predator’ is considered by many to be Cube’s strongest and most cohesive work. While the opening track, “When Will They Shoot”, addressed criticisms of anti-Semitism, other songs like “We Had to Tear This Mothafucka Up” and “Who Got the Camera?” boldly tackled the controversial acquittal of four L.A. police officers accused in the, now infamous, Rodney King beating.  Despite dealing with high pressure issues, The Predator went on to sell over 3 million copies.

Jackson’s career over the last 25 years has been expansive: 14 group and solo albums selling millions of units, involvement in 3 dozen film projects, the establishment of his own record label (Lench Mob Records 1990) and production company (Cube Vision 1998), and even a roll in Call of Duty: Black Ops in 2010.

Cube’s collaborative efforts have been equally expansive.  The list includes: 2pac, DJ Quik, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Trent Reznor, Del the Funky Homosapien, Da Lench Mob, David Bowie, Kam, Kausion and many more.

Mr. Jackson’s career in the industry has spanned 4 decades, crossed genres and platforms, and continues to inspire and influence artists today.  So we invite you to grab a cold Colt 45, roll somethin’ up, enjoy the pyroclastic flow and throw ya dubs in the air.  Myself and Pinnacle Hip Hop are proud to have as our Spotlight Artist for the month of January: The Don Mega himself.  The quintessential west coast gangsta…


…Ice Cube




(you know how it’s supposed to sound…get off my back)

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