Countdown to PREMIUM launch!


Come check out our Premium content all when you want it.  You love East Coast artists? We got you covered. West Coast? No problem. You love artists that can twist? Check. All of our music is categorized so you can listen to what you love. We’ve loaded every song in our constantly growing library for your enjoyment. All our songs are hand picked. We’ve done all the hard work of finding the tracks YOU want to hear. This is a station built for, and by, hip hop heads. Thousands of songs and hundreds of artists that you know and some that might be new to you. All of it, well worth it though. Listen on the go with our Apple and Android apps or with our desktop version. However you want, we got you covered.

Here are the perks you get with going with Pinnacle Premium:

  • Limited skips- max 6 per hour (license requirements)- not that we think you’ll need it
  • No commercials or ads
  • Full access to all of our song categories. Just pick a category, sit back and enjoy!
  • Songs will always shuffle inside the categories so you’ll always get a good mix!
  • Share your favorite songs/artists/albums with social media

You get all of the above for $4.99/month. Best part? The first 30 days are free! Want an even better offer? Choose our yearly subscription option and pay for 10 months and listen for 12! What do you have to lose?


ALL SONGS- collection of all of our non-edited versions

BANGERS ONLY- all popular songs

BEASTS FROM THE EAST- East Coast artists

CENTRAL BOOKING- Midwest artists

COLLABORATION NATION- groups and collabs

GETTIN’ TWISTED- artists that spit with speed

LADIES NIGHT- female artists and their groups

RADIO STYLEZ- all radio edits

RE-UP REMIXES- only remixes

SOUTHERN PLAYERS- Southern artists

WENT SOLO- artists who spun off of groups

WESTSIDE RIDERS- West coast artists

Come take a tour of PREMIUM!

Check out the home screen. Where you can view artists and albums that we have loaded!
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