Show Circuit

I have several passions in life. Music, which should be a given by now, and cars. As we continued this journey in life, you really never know where it’ll take you. What does the next step have for you? I know, pretty deep intro for a blog but it’s true. 

Back when I was much younger, those two passions ruled my life. I’ve always been a big music head and once I started driving, I really started discovering my next passion. I’ve been a show car builder from the time I was 16 until about 25. I’ve built several lowriders but at 25, life changed and some priorities shifted. Such is life. Fast forward to twenty years later and here I am, working hard on my music passion. As fate would have it, our music lends itself well to the car show scene. Great demographics and a perfect target audience. This couldn’t get any better than this! The question is how do I figure out how to combine both passions together? The answer, time to start becoming a vendor at some car shows. 

First step was to figure out how to get information. I mean, I’ve been out of the scene for so long that it wasn’t like I could just reach out to some of my old friends and ask….or could I? First note was to an old friend going back to high school actually. He turned me on to a show that was by us and gave me an opportunity to check it out and see how much has changed. Turns out, not much. Very reminiscent of the days when I was spending all morning prepping vehicles and setting up displays. After some back and forth with the show promoter, we figured out that this was a great place to start. Now comes the fun part. Searching for other shows throughout the year. Social media is fantastic. One page leads to another and another and next thing you know, we’re looking at four to five shows lined up for after the first one the year. As I’m talking with promoters, we start talking about how I’m an old school builder. Now there’s a connection. I’m not some stuffy suit at a massive company.  I’m just a guy who loves music and cars, just like them.

I’ve met some really great people along this journey. People that have helped me at different steps of trying to build what is important to me. With the development and soon to be release of our premium subscription, we’re looking for big things to come in the upcoming years. Hoping this show circuit round pays off so we can continue to grow, share the love of hip hop and, maybe, just maybe, get me back around my second passion. To a great year to come and a huge thanks to everyone that helped support us along the way and those that will inevitably help us in the upcoming years. 

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