Articles of the Abstract We all have our favorite lyricists and it’s based on a multitude of factors typically. The actual lyrics or words of hip hop is only a percentage of the music,  as we all know and it can be hard to get to the genius of some lyrics if the beat just […]

I would say I’m a man of a certain size. Some, less eloquent, people would simply describe me as fat. Whatever (eye roll emoji). I’ve been a big guy for a long time. Although I’ve fluctuated in size over the years, I’ve always been one of the biggest guys in the crew. Sometimes that’s a […]


December 27, 2020

I was listening to “The Fire” by the Roots the other day. Now, I’ve heard the “How I Got Over” album multiple times. Bought it on the first day it came out, actually. From “Dear God 2.0” to “Hustla”, to the title track, the whole album bangs. That’s not debatable, in my opinion. But “The […]


November 19, 2020

Show Circuit I have several passions in life. Music, which should be a given by now, and cars. As we continued this journey in life, you really never know where it’ll take you. What does the next step have for you? I know, pretty deep intro for a blog but it’s true.  Back when I […]

Masters of Twist So you think you can spit? Got some speed to your lyrics? Then you can associate yourself with some the best and talented. It’s one thing to fit your lyrics into sixteen bars with a flow that all goes together and tells a story. Now try and double (or more) those lyrics, […]

Commercial or Underground  Most artists go through the same steps. Selling mix tapes out of the trunk in a parking lot or spending weekend after weekend at open mics. The struggle is real to try and make it in the rap game but a necessary one. Underground is where it usually starts. Develop your fan […]

King’s of the South Sounds like such a straight forward title doesn’t it? As I start to put this together, you start to realize that the south is a large area with some very different sounds. Places as close as Georgia and Florida have completely different sounds. As you head west some, you start to […]

What Do You Want? Just like 2Pac said in All About U, it’s all about you! This station is here to showcase all of those Emcees that helped shape hip hop but more importantly, it’s here for you. When we started this station, it was about sharing our love of the music. What has happened […]

Always Stay Open As many years as I’ve been involved with hip hop, I’m still, to this day, looking for those hidden artists that I’ve missed. This last year has been one of discovery for me personally as we continued to push forward trying to grow our little company. How can we add value to […]

Religion in the Hip Hop World So I thought it’d be interesting to discuss one of the things were told not to discuss with others, or at least talk about the hip hop artists that did so on a record… religion. Since hip hop loyalists treat hip hop like its a religion in and of […]

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