What Do You Want?

Just like 2Pac said in All About U, it’s all about you! This station is here to showcase all of those Emcees that helped shape hip hop but more importantly, it’s here for you. When we started this station, it was about sharing our love of the music. What has happened though is that we’re sharing the entire experience with those that have the exact same love. Those that love this music like we do, find us. We get emails talking about artists they love, songs they wished were there and even discussions about who’s better. When I meet someone and we start talking about hip hop, it doesn’t take long to start discussing artists. “Who had the best first release album?” “Who’s the best producer?” I love these conversations. It truly amazes me how many people love this stuff like I do and want to talk about it. One of our writers is one of those. When we met, we started talking about hip hop  influence. We’ve had the producer conversation. His knowledge about everything is why I asked him to come on board and share his thoughts. This whole thing is about ideas and diversity. Without these things, we’d be stuck with the same sound and who wants that? I know I sure don’t. Fans of this station, your opinions matter to us. This station is supposed to be a living, ever changing thing. Growing and evolving just as the genre has over the years. None of that is possible without you. As much as myself and Big H have listened to our share of artists and songs, there’s always more. I love that part. Getting a suggestion from a listener and discovering someone or something you’ve never heard before. That’s thrilling to me. That’s what this station is about. Discovery. I’ve listened to my share of songs I didn’t like. Sometimes, all it takes is one song to turn me off to an artist. “All their songs sound the same” is something I’ve said before. Then, someone comes along and turns me on to a song by that artist. I keep an open mind and play it. This sounds NOTHING like what I was expecting. Now I’m on the hunt for more.  Combing through album after album looking for more. We want our listeners to be able to do the same. Never heard that artist? You might find something you like. Heard them before but not a fan, maybe this is the song that does it for you. It’s amazing what one song can do. All it takes is one. I’ve, personally found over a dozen artists that I had never heard of just by our listeners. We’ve gone and grabbed songs based on your recommendations and added them to the library. We really mean it when we say that this is the station that you would build. It’s fun to talk with fellow hip hop heads as everyone has a different view and opinion. Some love Biggie. Some love Pac. Some hate Eminem. Diversity is what it’s all about. Whether you want to drop us an email or you happen to see us out at an event, I highly encourage you to say hi. Let us know what you’d like to see and hear. If we can do it and it makes sense, we’re in! Big advantage to not being a huge company. We’re here for the music first and foremost. 

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