Author: T. Light

Articles of the Abstract We all have our favorite lyricists and it’s based on a multitude of factors typically. The actual lyrics or words of hip hop is only a percentage of the music,  as we all know and it can be hard to get to the genius of some lyrics if the beat just […]

Religion in the Hip Hop World So I thought it’d be interesting to discuss one of the things were told not to discuss with others, or at least talk about the hip hop artists that did so on a record… religion. Since hip hop loyalists treat hip hop like its a religion in and of […]

Battle of the Producers In hip hop there’s the age old debate about the greatest Emcee of all time.  Everyone who’s listened to hip hop for any extended period of time can likely tell you who they think the top 5 of all time are and why.   What doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough in my […]

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