Author: Big H.

I would say I’m a man of a certain size. Some, less eloquent, people would simply describe me as fat. Whatever (eye roll emoji). I’ve been a big guy for a long time. Although I’ve fluctuated in size over the years, I’ve always been one of the biggest guys in the crew. Sometimes that’s a […]


December 27, 2020

I was listening to “The Fire” by the Roots the other day. Now, I’ve heard the “How I Got Over” album multiple times. Bought it on the first day it came out, actually. From “Dear God 2.0” to “Hustla”, to the title track, the whole album bangs. That’s not debatable, in my opinion. But “The […]

PETER PIPER “Now Peter Piper picked peppers, but Run rocked rhymes. Humpty Dumpty fell down, that’s his hard time. Jack B. Nimble was nimble and he was quick. But Jam Master cut faster, Jack’s on Jay’s dick. Now Little Bo Peep cold lost her sheep. And Rip van Winkle fell the hell asleep. And Alice […]

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