New Talent of Hip Hop

As much as I am a purest at heart, I’m always a fan of good music. Because of what I do, I’m always getting new artists sent to me for review. I love hip hop so it’s always exciting when I’m able to find a new artist that shows skills from the golden era that I’m used to. Give me some serious lyrics and you’ve got my attention. This, is not an all encompassing list, just a few that i’ve stumbled upon over the last several years that I vibed with.

Hopsin has been around since 2007 but it wasn’t really until 2009 that I feel he really came into his own. Releasing five studio albums in total, you can hear him progressively become more involved with his music. His content is sometimes silly but still, lyrically, on point. He’s been known to twist as well which just adds to his diversity of his abilities as a storyteller.

MGK, Machine Gun Kelly, has more recently come to light with his dis track against Eminem but even prior to that, he has been laying down some serious tracks. Starting in 2012 with his Lace Up album, he subsequently followed it up with 4 more studio albums.Good luck on finding an artist as much in love with his city as he is. He’s been known to mix his sound with some rock for his unique sound.

I came across Saigon as I was going through a friend of mine’s album collection. Saigon’s been in the game for a while but had some disputes with his record label which halted the release of his debut album until 2011, after he moved away from them. When I heard The Greatest Story Never Told album, I instantly became a fan. Track after track of fire. If you haven’t heard, you need to. He’s released two other albums after that which I intend to check out as soon as I can.

This next one, I actually came across on Facebook. I saw a video of Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist and instantly loved his sound. Super lyrical and reminiscent of Eminem, in my opinion. After hearing that song, I went on a mission to see if it was a fluke or if he had some tracks. I was not disappointed. Another artist who can spit fire with the best of them right now. He has released 2 albums, first one being in 2019. Look forward to see what else he comes out with.

Lastly is one that my daughter turned me on to. Snow tha Product. I just started digging into her songs but can tell you for what I’ve heard already, she stands out. She can spit verses and has melody to sing those parts that you would normally have to get someone else to do for you. She first came on the scene in 2011 with her studio album and has since released multiple mix tape albums. Her last album I listened to had a lot more singing than verses. Hoping she comes back to the lyrical side more. It’s not very often you find a female artist who can twist…and she most definitely can.

I’m always on the look out for newer artists that display the fundamentals of hip hop that made it what it is today. I look forward to see what else this next generation may have to offer that’ll be worth it for me to go beyond what I know.

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